The charm of a location addictive

Terrazza Martini® by Pininfarina, a unique, glamorous place for meeting, resulting from the union of two brands, Martini and Pininfarina which represent Italian excellence around the world, will debut on 1 May.  A large, splendid location, on the second floor of Italy Pavilion and overlooking the central Piazza Italia, Terrazza Martini®, designed and developed by Pininfarina, will welcome brand enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity of a unique experience and a full immersion in the Martini world, discovering the authentic Italian aperitif. 

Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina developed on the cover of one of the branches of Italy Pavilion, south-east Cardo, the Terrazza will have an exclusive access at the junction of the Cardo and Decumano, and will offer guests a unique environment organised into topical areas and atmospheres linked to the different aspects of the Martini brand.

The ambience, measuring 400 sq. m., opens with an extensive reception designed to welcome guests and immediately offer a view of the wide choice of Martini® products.

The two Martini® Bars are at the centre of the space; they are interpreted according to the elegance and functionality of Pininfarina and the unique style of Martini®, places for sharing and discovery where brand enthusiasts and talented young mixologists from all over the world will have a full immersion in the Martini world, discovering the authentic Italian aperitif, accompanied by some food offers created with ingredients and raw materials 100% Made in Italy. 

The first bar includes a long counter, about 10 metres, where 4 bartenders, always available, will offer visitors the various Martini proposals, from the Martini Royale Bianco or Rosato, to Martini Tonic, the classic Martini Americano and Martini Negroni, the timeless Martini cocktail or a flute of Martini Prosecco, combined with a selection of finger food for all tastes, strictly Italian. The structure of the bar, polished like the bodywork of a car, is wine-coloured and represents the constant search for timeless elegance and design that has always marked Pininfarina from the beginning. The second bar will offer brand enthusiasts an elegant, sporty atmosphere, linked to the fascinating world of Martini Racing. Guests of Terrazza Martini® will also have a large lounge area near to the stage which will host various DJ sets every evening to accompany the time of the authentic Italian aperitif. A special divan-seat in this area, with an integrated technological device, will enable guests to interact and deepen their knowledge of the Martini world.

The lounge, fulcrum of the terrazza, will also allow guests to immerse themselves in the tradition of the Martini® brand and deepen their knowledge of this fascinating world, through the discovery of some of the botanical essences used for the preparation of the secret recipe unchanged in time, personally handed down by each Master Blender to his successor to ensure the excellence that has made Martini® famous around the world for decades. Lastly, a large VIP area will enable important guests to experience Terrazza Martini® in an exclusive, reserved manner. A large part of the Terrazza will be covered by a pergola with a contemporary design that will offer protection from the weather and give the right shade; this element, combined with the Martini branded umbrellas, will contribute to making the Terrazza Martini®@Padiglione Italia a privileged place from where guests can enjoy an incomparable view of Piazza Italia and the Tree of Life, and where they will be able to savour a distinctive style and welcome.

The Terrazza Martini®, whether in Paris, Milan, Pessione or San Paolo in Brazil, has been a reference point for more than half a century. It is not only a unique place where the Italian lifestyle can be enjoyed but also a concept, where the brand transmits what can be summarised as the ‘desire to be there’ through elegance and joie de vivre. The concept of Terrazza Martini® started in the 1950s, when the Terrazze Martini were created in Paris (1948), Milan (1958) and then, between 1960 and 1965, Barcelona, Brussels, London, San Paolo in Brazil and Genoa.


Since 2000, the idea of Terrazza Martini has discovered a different vocation, not only an exclusive location but a concept of style and welcome that can be modulated for all requirements in any context. Thus, alongside the offices in Milan and Pessione, sites for social, cultural and show business events and experiences with major cinema have been set up, with the Terrazza Martini at the Venice Film Festival (2003-2006) and the Cannes Film Festival (2007-2013).



The historical heritage of two Italian brands

“Italian lifestyle, with its atmospheres and rituals is famous worldwide and a source of pride for us. Being a partner of Martini in this exceptional project has enabled us to stage an extraordinary space, creating an elegant, sophisticated and exclusive area which conveys the values of excellence and quality of our brands perfectly”.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group

“We’re proud of being able to make a contribution in this framework which I define as ‘epoch-making’. Martini has expressed a unique style and its joie de vivre for more than 150 years and sends its heritage of a historic Italian brand into the world. So we couldn’t do other than choose the Pininfarina group to fulfil such an ambitious project for the excellence of Made in Italy.”

Giorgio Molinari, Country Manager of Martini & Rossi


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