Movement and dynamism

Following a long and successful partnership, Leitner and Pininfarina are together again to design a new cabin. The result is Symphony, unveiled at Interalpin in Innsbruck.




A special shape inspired to the automotive sector

Pininfarina has conceived a very iconic design for Symphony. The distinctive element is a unique and endless line running over the whole structure conveying a sense of movement and a strong dynamism. The line hosts a profile of light enhancing the cabin and making it visible also in the night.


The design is innovative from several points of view. The traditional configuration - made of floor, ceiling and vertical pillars - has been overturned, leading to a new formal definition in which two shells fit perfectly to give shape to the cabin. The new structure was realized thanks to an innovative system of pillars and junctions. A further innovation that takes inspiration from the car design is the integration of the air intakes into the grille. This solution has both a functional and an aesthetic role: the grille hosts at the same time the bumper and the system of ventilation.


Pininfarina has designed also the interiors of the cabin with a great attention to all details. The innovation is in the use of the materials as leather and alcantara, inspired by the car sector, and the stitching of the seats matched the external color of the cabin. The LED lighting system is integrated in the ceiling. The innovation, beyond generating smooth and elegant shapes, allows building wide glass walls guaranteeing the panoramic view to the users.



Capacity: 28 seated + 7 standing

Height inside 2.155 mm

Height/width 2.490mm/3.600mm

Door width 1.600 mm

Height door 2.060 mm

Seatbench Width 3.100 mm



The design integrated in the natural environment

“Symphony is the expression of our ability to combine iconic design with integration in the natural environment. Working with Leitner and Sigma we have conceived an innovative cabin with a distinctive character able to offer elegance and comfort making the riding experience unique”.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Pininfarina Group


“I am sure that together with a Company with such an international prestige as Pininfarina we have created a new cabin that can surprise the world market of ropeways both in terms of design and functionality. Thanks to the positive experience that we had in the past with Pininfarina, who designed the cabin Diamond and several snow groomers, we decided to develop a product that could combine style and high technology. And we made it!”

Michael Seeber, President of Leitner AG




Pininfarina Group
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Leitner AG
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