Innovation striving for essentiality


This stand was designed, planned and developed for its important Russian client CHTPZ, a leading company in the metallurgical sector. It was devised as a sober solid, versatile and practical space that conveys a sense of efficiency and stability.


Modern technologies, dynamic space


A structure that looks beyond the crisis and is projected into the future. CHPTZ's goal was to use the stand as a means of conveying a clear message: in a world that is falling apart we have the means to resist. This generated the idea of a stand which, although with deep "fractures", manages to stay standing thanks to a network of steel piping that holds the various fragments together.

Economic sustainability






The structure was created for an important event, the Metal Expo in Moscow. CHTPZ wanted the stand to present the company and to communicate both the delicate global financial situation, and the Russian firm's ability to face up to it, offering its customers sound support.

Industrial & professional approach


Starting from its own background, the Pininfarina team has adapted and modelled its skills in the design field to an industrial architecture project.



Pininfarina Extra
Cambiano (Turin)




Metal Expo
Bolshaya Maryinskaya ul., 9, bld. 1
Moscow 129085


Architecture & interiors