The personality of the space


The Venus kitchen, a milestone in design and aesthetics, has been created to “stir emotions and evoke passion”: coral red in color with sleekly contoured, symmetrical work surfaces, a unique experiment in the sensorial effects of new materials with the new MICROTOUCH finish, a leather-effect micro fiber applied to the panel doors; unique also as regards technology, such as the  innovative optical solution of led spotlights, an exclusive Snaidero patent.


A strong visual impact


Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and the most bright and brilliant of the planets in the heavens. Snaidero VENUS embodies all the evocative elements that refer to concepts of  beauty, sensuality and light.


The kitchen attracts at first glance, make people fall in love and creates strong memory. The very emotional element is specular development of the curves of the worktop and shelf. The sinuous and symmetrical surfaces respond not only to an aesthetic aspect, but have also an ergonomic and functional value, rising towards the sides to allow the insertion of a drawer and providing a comfortable support surface.


VENUS offers maximum flexibility of composition and customization, and it is a kitchen free from frames and timeless and therefore destined to remain actual, meeting with a project of great design, the needs of the domestic spaces and the new housing needs. Light is an integral part of the project and not a decorative accessory: it allows an energy saving of 83% compared to halogen bulbs and lasts 10 times longer.

A special











The Venus kitchen took front stage this evening in Florence at a unique event during which leading stakeholders in the world of design, home décor and kitchens met to talk over and discuss the latest market trends.


Innovation and customization


“Venus is the fifth kitchen we have designed for Snaidero following on the success of the Ola, Viva, Idea and Acropolis models. Our cooperation with Snaidero, initiated 18 years ago, has been so successful that Pininfarina is its longest-lasting designer”.

Paolo Pininfarina, President and CEO of Pininfarina Extra



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