The Ola20 is Pininfarina’s latest creation for Snaidero.

A kitchen that symbolises the 20-year partnership between the two companies, blending the unmistakable characteristics of a historical classic from Snaidero with strongly contemporary elements.

The result is an elegant, refined product, characterised by precise, immediate stylistic features.


The Ola20 is the winner of the Good Design Award 2011.


Ola 20 is the result of an ambitious Snaidero project that, in partnership with Pininfarina, revisited the style reconfirming the authenticity of one of its greatest historical classic.
The curved line is doubtless the main detail that gives OLA 20 the Snaidero look. The extractor hood, for example, keeps its original dome shape, softened in the design but strong in the aesthetic impact, as all the end elements of cupboards, base units and wall units have a curve which conclude and embellish the project. Pininfarina further strengthened the softness of the project introducing a new element: the worktop support for island and peninsula with a sculpted design, through a refined element in multi-layered wood, shaped into a design that is unmistakably Pininfarina.
Just as distinctive is development of the project in the island unit and peninsula unit. Here the worktop appears to almost gently envelop the kitchen work area, thanks to in depth research into shape, function and ergonomics, where the design focuses on quality of work in the kitchen. The strength of the new project is expressed also by the new extractor hood in the centre of the room with tangential extraction realised on Pininfarina design with a gloss lacquered sheet metal support, with fluorescent strip lighting running along the entire outer edge of the base unit. Shape and function are inextricably linked to technological aspect, which, one again, is expressed via researched materials and highly innovative production processes.

The Ola20 is the latest restyling of the Ola model, which Snaidero has manufactured uninterruptedly since 1991.

This project has attracted attention from the start for its strong architectural impact, able to solve all the practical domestic aspects with innovative technological solutions.

Pininfarina first restyled the range in 2000, maintaining its technical characteristics and introducing new handles, new colours, a steel worktop and new wall units; it did not modify the curving concept, the element that made the Ola an icon of Snaidero design in the world.

Pininfarina is the most durable of Snaidero’s designers. The two companies can boast twenty years of collaboration, during which time Pininfarina has created products-icons like the Ola, Viva, Idea, Acropolis and Venus. From this perspective, the Ola20 is the latest creation, a successful blend of the values and visions of Pininfarina and Snaidero.


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