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Pininfarina works in the development of Industrial Design projects in the fields of  transportation, electronics, sporting goods, furniture/home, equipment and machinery, consumer products, graphic design and packaging.


Through the years, partnering with the most prestigious firms and brands, we have transferred in every single project, the values of elegance, essentiality and innovation that have historically characterized the Pininfarina identity and unmistakable line.


From small to medium firms to large international corporations, our multicultural and cross categories skilled teams are set  in order to provide the client with the “best in class” expertise all through the design process phases: strategic analysis, benchmarking, concept design and style, research and development of technological innovations, trends analysis of colors and materials, three-dimensional virtual modelling, rapid prototyping, construction of style models and assistance to the phases of engineering and industrialization.
Our peculiar design vision and iconic line is always melt with our client's culture, mission and values in order to match at best its objectives.


We know how relevant marketing is for a successful project. Working with Pininfarina also means partnering with one of the most prestigious and exclusive worldwide brand. That’s why we take care of every detail and we support every client  in the commercialization of its project through a strategic and customized marketing and communication plan (the definition of the best strategy to valorize the collaboration with Pininfarina).


The design by Pininfarina can be a real surplus value supporting the sales leveraging on the appeal of the brand.



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