Versatility in the functions


Black Secret is the name of the new Samsung LCD Monitor designed by Pininfarina: it has a modern, elegant and dynamic line. Functional and flexible, it fits in a house as well as in an office and it allows a wall hanging use.


Intuitive height and inclination adjustments complete the product profile. The monitor has been awarded with the 2007 red dot award in the product design discipline.


High performance product design


With its elegant lines and gently curved surfaces the Samsung monitor is something of a trendsetter for the desk. The foldable double joint in the round base allows the monitor to be adjusted to any position, enabling the user to choose between portrait and landscape mode.


With a viewing angle of 170 degrees, the monitor can be read comfortably even when the viewer is seated to one side. The high-gloss material of the monitor has no spray coating, thus enhancing its ecological compatibility.

A renewing collaboration


It is the second successful project developed by Pininfarina for Samsung.