The partnership between Pininfarina and Pernod Ricard Italy created a design project dedicated to Amaro Ramazzotti.

An association between design and consumer beverage to celebrate the most authentic taste of Italian style in the world.

The collaboration between Pininfarina and Pernod Ricard Italy's has the aim to consolidate the position of Amaro Ramazzotti in over 30 countries where the product is distributed.

Hence, the image line of accessories designed by Pininfarina for Amaro Ramazzotti. A unique project of its kind, a synthesis of those features of class, elegance and lifestyle that made the international success of the brand.

The accessories developed by Pininfarina also become tools of communication and relationships at events PR signed by Ramazzotti.


A global perspective


In order to strengthen the positioning of the product, Pernod Ricard Italy has decided to implement a series of communications and marketing operations in over 30 countries where Amaro Ramazzotti is present, while expanding their target markets.

The French group entrusted Pininfarina which, thanks to years of experience, has established itself as the ideal partner to support the success of the company.

In particular, the cooperation has taken shape in the realization of certain image accessories that can stimulate the consumption of the product and attract new consumers at PR events.

The project has been developed by Pininfarina for Amaro Ramazzotti, company belonging to the French group Pernod Ricard Italy, world co-leader in the wines and spirits market.


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