The Pininfarina BLUECAR is an elegant, compact five-door hatchback with automatic transmission, that is 3.65 m long, 1.72 m wide and 1.6 m high, and seats four comfortably. Thanks to its extremely small electric power train and the ideal position of the battery, between the two axles, it has a vast, welcoming and light-filled cabin. Positioning the battery under the passenger seats guarantees exceptional road-holding, because it lowers the car’s centre of gravity and achieves an optimal distribution of the weights.

Not content with not polluting, this innovative electric car does so silently. It features cutting edge technologies that simplify communications between the vehicle and the driver, thanks to a superior touch screen display that is clear and legible, providing all the key indicators of the car’s performance: speed, range and battery charge, temperature adjustment in the cabin, audio system, GPS, after-sales service, hands-free telephone, and driving mode (economic, sport or icy road).

All in all, the BLUECAR embodies a responsible choice. It respects the environment even in the smallest details: all the materials used to build it, the battery and the interior have been carefully chosen for their low environmental impact and they are recyclable or re-usable, like the artificial leather made from vegetable sources and other natural products. And the solar panels on the roof and bonnet also supply the electrical equipment. 




The BLUECAR embodies Pininfarina’s genetic code in full: the body of the car is modelled like an elastic shell that rests firmly on the four wheels, arched on its vertical axis and driven forward by the treatment of the sides. This sense of perfectly controlled physical force is highlighted by the arched sills, which underline the way the volumes “surge” forward. From the front, the distinctive elements of Pininfarina design are revealed in the iconic physiognomy of a strong, self-confident car. The design choices are perfectly functional for the electric drive, and the bonnet is just hinted at, short and steeply sloping. The enveloping rear end underlines its agility and forward thrust.

When you get into the car, you have the impression of being in a vehicle that is much larger than a standard city car: passenger comfort is guaranteed by four independent seats, as it is on a “premium” saloon. This is made possible by the absence of any mechanical encumbrances related to the electrical drive. The interior outfit underlines the quality and precision of the detail and manual finishing elements, the legacy of Pininfarina’s historical tradition. The central tunnel is a functional and furnishing element that has been shaped with elegance and lightness, it has an original trampoline shape, stretching towards the facia, and houses the windscreen wiper controls, the door mirror control button and the original traction control that replaces the traditional gear lever.

But the heart of the BLUECAR is the batteries, the source of energy and of enjoyable driving, thanks to the unique technology developed by Bolloré, which launched a research programme to develop a battery based on a totally innovative concept, about fifteen years ago: "Lithium Metal Polymer” technology. This battery has numerous advantages: for the same weight, it stores five times more energy than a conventional battery and recharges in just a few hours. It is a “solid state” technology that guarantees greater safety, with a lifespan equivalent to that of the car on which it is installed.

The combination of an L.M.P. battery and "supercapacitors" makes it possible to increase power during acceleration, to extend the car’s range by regenerative braking and to guarantee a longer battery life, reducing its use. The L.M.P. battery can be recharged at a conventional socket and has a range of 250 km. It does not require maintenance and has a lifespan of about 200,000 km. 



The BLUECAR project was exhibited for the first time at the Paris Motor Show and immediately attracted huge interest both from operators and from the media and the public, showing that it embodies innovation and is moving in the right direction, well ahead of its time. There is growing public awareness of the need for intervention to safeguard the environment, and use of the car is concentrated increasingly in towns and limited to daily transfers not exceeding 60 km; as a result the car market is experiencing a cultural revolution that opens new and promising scenarios for hybrid or totally electric vehicles like the Pininfarina BLUECAR.



“Adesso tutti parlano di auto elettriche ma mio fratello Andrea (nella foto accanto al modello della BlueCar a pochi mesi dall’unveiling ufficiale del settembre 2008) e Bolloré hanno anticipato i tempi credendoci fin dal 2007, a testimonianza che l’innovazione è storicamente nel nostro Dna"

Paolo Pininfarina 




Pininfarina Design and Engineering

Cambiano (Turin)




Sustainable mobility

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    It is electric. It does not pollute and it makes no noise. And features the best technological innovations. It is the BLUECAR, conceived and designed by Pininfarina.

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