A lively object, in the best spirit of Brazil

An innovative outdoor furnishing project designed by Pininfarina debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair. It is the practical, colourful chair developed jointly with the Brazilian company A Lot Of, designed primarily to make life on the beach more comfortable.

Unique Italian design combines with Brazilian manufacturing capability which enhances the product in practical and technological terms. This first model will be followed by other versions; it will be distributed in Brazil initially, and later in other countries around the world.

Original in design, colors and materials


An iconic design, comfort and ergonomics are at the root of an object that was born to enhance enjoyment of the beautiful Brazilian beeches, partly thanks to its versatility, which lets the chair be used in several ways. The original inspiration came from the surfing world: the style developed by the Pininfarina team recalls the size and shape of the bodyboards used to ride the waves. The result is a practical accessory that is easily transported: the mixture of wood and plastic with coconut and bamboo fibres is rotomoulded to produce an extremely light structure.

An international project


“This project with A Lot Of is further confirmation that the combination of Italian design and the Brazilian capacity to produce articles of outstanding quality gives excellent results, as our collaboration with Schaefer Yachts has already shown”.


Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group



Pininfarina Extra
Cambiano (Turin)



A Lot Of
São Paulo


Industrial design