A project

A unique combination of performance and comfort characterizes the new WallyCento.
The superyacht is the result of the collaboration among excellences in the sector: the yacht designer Mark Mills, the Italian boatbuilder Persico Marine and the renowned design house, Pininfarina, who signed the interiors.




Elegant, ultralight and high-performing

The nautical division worked as a unique team with Wally, Mark Mills and Persico Marine to reach the same goal: a perfect balance between performance and comfort and a high inside-outside consistency. The challenge was to develop outstanding ultra-light interiors that would match the superyacht DNA.

The Saloon is the most iconic space, characterized by the suspended stairs, having both a functional and an aesthetic value. The steps in fact, like waves, continue on the walls giving life to shelves resulting in a dynamic environment as the sea surface. The comfort is offered by large and comfortable sofas characherized by elegant lines and a sporty flavour coming from the red steam as in the car seats

The design concept is applied to all the other areas. In the master cabin the horizontal surfaces give life to the bed; in the master head to the sink and the shower. The result is an elegant and essential environment characterized by seamless surfaces.

Also the materials play a fundamental role. The use of carbon fiber allows to keep the yacht light and, at the same time, conveys a sporty appeal. The wood and the leather, in contrast, offer elegance and warmth to the enviroment. The technical materials used for the floor increase the grip enahncing the performing character of the interiors. Effect conveyed also by the contrast between dark and light colors.

Work in progress

The interiors of Tango carry the signature of Pininfarina, as the spaces carry the unmistakable sign made of sportiness and elegance. A hallmark built during more than 85 years creating icons of Beauty.

The concept is based on horizontal surfaces - like the sea waves - shape the space creating functional elements with a strong aesthetic appeal. Structural and visual lightness.

A collaboration among two Italian excellences

“Tango turned out exactly how we envisaged her when we started developing the project: super sleek lines and aggressive overall appeal conveying her high performance DNA.”

Luca Bassani, Wally President.

“Tango is our largest project to date and also we believe the most innovative, the most stylish, and certainly one of the most satisfying to develop in collaboration with the client, Wally, Pininfarina, and Persico Marine”

Mark Mills of Mills Design

"Tango was a challenge: to be innovative in a dream team of innovators. Starting with Wally, an icon in designing the future of yachting. Thanks to the selection of the materials and the innovative solutions of the interior decoration delivering both function and aesthetics, we generated a ultra-light and super performing yacht, perfectly suitable for cruising as well as for racing. A real sea Fuoriserie, a new jewel, setting a new standard in the yachting sector.

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group

“We are extremely pleased with our first cruising superyacht: Tango weighs only 47,5 tons thanks to the overall optimisations developed at the beginning of the project. Specifically, we worked hard to lighten the interiors as much as possible, not just using carbon fiber and nomex sandwich in the joinery construction, but also developing different solutions to build, for example, the hinges and veneers.”

Marcello Persico, Persico Marine CEO.


Pininfarina Extra
Cambiano (TO)

Persico Marine
Nembro (BG)




Marc Mills