Design, practicality and aerodynamics



CX Air is the first Norauto Premium roof box developed with Pininfarina. Starting from the strong expectations expressed by "roof box customers", Norauto has developed the CX Air range for its Norauto Premium brand, which now has over 100 products in a range of categories including carriers, maintenance, starters, batteries, lighting and equipment. In effect, a roof box changes a vehicle's aesthetics and aerodynamics significantly.


Robust and easy use

In developing the CX Air, the Pininfarina teams working with Norauto were inspired by prestigious car brands as well as by the body lines of aircraft like the Concorde and high-speed trains. The shiny materials and fluid forms of automotive bodywork designed by Pininfarina over many years also provided a source of inspiration. The improved aerodynamics of the roof box reduces wind noise and fuel consumption. Vibration is also reduced, extending the lifetime of the box while increasing safety. Three design characteristics improve the roof box’s aerodynamics: sloped nose; central ridge, which helps air flow over the box, slightly raised rear, along with a diffuser that stiffens the structure while channelling aerodynamic flows. Wind tunnel aerodynamics tests show that the Norauto Premium roof box offers, on average, 13.2% less wind resistance than other products on the market. The Norauto and Pininfarina teams also worked together to make the CX Air roof box easy to use, without compromising its strength. In fact, the CX Air is the first roof box to have an outside handle enabling the user to open and close the roof box safety and securely without needing the key. The lock is a 3-point anti-theft system: an inside handle to reach the top part of the box easily when open; double-sided opening, allowing easier loading from both sides of the vehicle, and an infrared sensor that turns the inside light on and off; maximised central volume for transporting bulky items (strollers, suitcases, etc.); manufactured using the best materials on the market and increased shell thickness; latest-generation intuitive attachment system to maximise safety and security; protective cover and adjustable compartments.

Technical characteristics


Colours: silver, metallic graphite and midnight blue

Capacity: 410 L (450 L)

Weight empty: 20 kg (23 kg)

Length: 179 cm (193 cm)

Width: 81 cm (86 cm)

Height: 40 cm (40 cm)

The best aerodynamic performance on the market, while offering 30% more load capacity.

Close to the needs of customers


Norauto's development teams called on the prestigious Italian automotive design company Pininfarina to work together on the style, aerodynamics and practicality of the CX Air to offer motorists the best quality (in terms of strength, practicality and aerodynamics) and most “stylish” roof b ox on the market.



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