When creativity takes the field

A futuristic, environment-friendly stadium built with cutting-edge technology to offer maximum comfort and security in all areas. The new Juventus stadium was conceived not only as a venue where people will watch football, but also as a meeting and recreation centre, to be enjoyed seven days a week.   In this perspective, Pininfarina Extra’s contribution was fundamental, developing once again an unmistakable style for what is an icon of the city of Turin. 


The Pininfarina Extra team was involved in the innovative project to design the Juventus stadium, studying how to make the most of all the internal areas that are accessible to the public: the Salone d'Onore, the boxes, the terraces, the benches, the locker rooms and the restaurants.

The designers have conceived a solution that links the present and the future, keeping alive the architectural memory of the former stadium, and creating a new symbol of the city, which is accessible to fans, sports lovers and the general public. 

In particular they were in charge of designing the floors, lighting, furnishings, boxes and lounges, as well as the seating areas on the terraces. The public seats were designed as the pixels in an enormous photograph, creating symbolic images of great Juventus players when the stadium is empty. 

A venue. A story. Plenty of emotion.

The new Juventus stadium was inaugurated on September 8, 2011 with a majestic ceremony. It is the first private stadium to be built in Italy, for a team whose fan base is one of the largest in the world.

Because it is a multipurpose structure, with great historical and emotional pregnancy, great care went into the elegance of the interior, which was designed with a distinctive Italian touch.

Pininfarina Extra’s intervention was decisive, and the stadium has a strong stylistic and aesthetic personality, but never loses sight of practicality, comfort or security, which are essential features of any structure that seats 41,000 people. 



Pininfarina Extra worked on this imposing project as part of an international working group, which drew together some of the best professional figures in their field, including two of the most prestigious companies of architects on the market, Shesa and Studio Gau.



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Juventus Stadium

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