The concept car with two souls

One year after the global debut of the luxury sedan H600 at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, followed by the unveiling of the five seater SUV K550 and seven seater SUV K750 at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, Pininfarina presents the 2018 HK GT, the fourth concept car conceived together with Hybrid Kinetic Group, the emerging hi-tech brand based in Hong Kong. With the HK GT, Pininfarina interprets a classic architecture of the Italian automobile school, the Gran Turismo, while continuing to refine the identity and the formal language of the Hybrid Kinetic brand. Sensuality, power, and elegance. Three simple words to define the external style of the HK GT. In the best tradition of the Italian “carrozzeria”, the HK GT concept car presents compact and voluptuous volumes and surfaces with soft transitions, finely structured by subtle sharp lines.


The car, boasting appealing proportions, has a 2+2 configuration entirely unveiled by the opening of gull-wing doors. The GT is characterized by a long, sculpted bonnet and a slightly curved line that gently descends to the rear, so as to rest the pavilion on the car body, bringing it closer to the rear wheel as in the great Gran Turismo of the past. The trend of this line is partially emphasized by a thin chrome molding that flows elegantly from the front to the contour of the side glass surfaces, one of the stylistic features of the Hybrid Kinetic brand already embodied in the 2017 creations.

The front view presents a new interpretation of the HK grille, in which the chromed slats open like petals up to frame the high-tech headlights, giving the car a charismatic, almost magnetic look. The stunning overall profile, fluid and essential, lives of a play of volumes that depart from the side vent to merge into a powerful and sculpted rear.

The interior is designed to express, even when stationary, the driving pleasure that characterizes a high performance Gran Turismo. Shapes, volumes, colors and materials are carefully chosen and contribute to the expression of modernity and distinction. The light and floating dashboard is treated with a sophisticated creamy white color and with bright orange stitching and details. It departs from the minimalist equipment behind the steering wheel, and then extends into an elegant embrace towards the rear seats, which by contrast are covered with a magnificent grey leather with vintage treatment and packaged with a “capitonné” of great refinement. This antagonism of color treatments underlines the double soul of the GT.

To transmit lightness to the passenger compartment, two stylistic solutions were adopted: the front seats are seemingly suspended from the central tunnel, while a part of the rear backrest is formed by a suspended wing that cancels the old separation between passenger compartment and trunk, thus giving the interior a more spacious feeling.

Crowning this game of colors and materials is a very important detail for the HK brand: the new "HK texture", symbolic of the brand's premium positioning. It starts from the rear seats and slopes down to reach the door panels, like the leaves of an ivy that climbs elegantly down a wall.

In the "race" mode, the interior is dressed in red lighting, clearly of race origin. In order to allow the driver to concentrate on driving, the display behind the steering wheel (minimal cluster display) transmits only essential technical information, while the central setting display provides information on all driving parameters (suspension settings, acceleration, speed track cornering, etc.). In the "cruise" mode, however, the interior is washed in blue and offers a more comfortable mobility solution, with information sharing between all the passengers of the car.

On the dashboard, in front of the passenger, a large touch screen appears with access to connectivity (navigation, e-mail) and entertainment (film, music...), while the door panels are animated thanks to a long interactive screen, which allows the circulation and exchange of information between the front and rear seats. The screen on the tunnel (central setting display) now allows passengers to configure the environment of the car (such as air conditioning - air quality), and becomes functional even for the rear seats.

The HK GT concept car embodies an additional piece of the Hybrid Kinetic range with elegance and avant-gardism. It is a perfect combination of pure design and environment-conscious technology, displaying a formal balance between refinement, sportiness and up-to-the-minute aesthetics that exemplifies the concept of exclusivity.

The HK GT is equipped with 20kWh HK super battery, 4 integrated PM motors with 2-speed transmissions, and a microturbine range extender, which is a key feature that differentiates the HK GT from its competitors. The HK torque vectoring system provides selective all-wheel-drive. Each wheel is powered and controlled by independent electric motors with electronics to provide superior control capability, improved vehicle handling performance and stability, and regenerative braking capability.

The HK microturbine range extender is a unique, simple, and fuel-efficient compact system. In contrast to internal combustion engines, the microturbine range extender has as high as 40% electric efficiency. It produces ultra-low emissions which is 90% less than United States electric grid emissions and 80% less than EU6 standards. It can be easily adapted to operate on a broad range of fuels (conventional, renewable, and hydrogen). The microturbine range extender applies proven aerospace technology that yields a compact high energy density solution for next generation automotive range extender applications with high reliability, durability, and minimal maintenance.



• Maximum length: 4980 mm
• Maximum width: 1998 mm
• Maximum height: 1365 mm
• Wheelbase: 2975 mm
• Drivetrain configuration: All Wheel Torque Vectoring
• Powertrain: independent permanent magnet motors with 2-speed transmission, microturbine range-extender
• Package: 2 doors, 4 seats
• Chassis: Aluminum
• Curb weight: 1860 kg
• Top speed: 250 km/h
• 0-100 km/h acceleration: 2.9sec
• Maximum power delivery of electric motors: Over 600 kW
• Battery System: 20kWh
• Driving Range – Pure electric mode: Over 100km
• Driving Range – extended range mode: Over 1000km
• Weight distribution: front52%/rear 48%
• Turning radius: 6.1 m






Hybrid Kinetic Group
(Hong Kong)