In the H500 sedan, elegance and sportiness, pure shapes and sophisticated details blend perfectly, creating an object for dynamic lifestyle seeker. The body is characterized by a sloping rib that crosses the vehicle giving tension and lightness and defining full and sober volumes.


In the front the classic HK grille has even more character, while the two lateral air inlets emphasize the sporty and youthful positioning. The headlamps, eyes of the car, are optically connected to the grill as in the tradition of the brand. Although thin, they have that character that does not go unnoticed.

In side view we find the chrome typical of the HK brand identity, which embraces the glass area and dives into the front bonnet creating a distinctive and elegant detail. The cleaning of the side accompanies the observer to the rear, where we find a horizontal fin that defines the rear lights, which gives a touch of sportiness to the car, while in the lower part we find a recall to the front area with the two triangular air outlets.

H500 Sedan interior concept is founded on the idea of four single units like four "cocoons“, with the same comfort, sharing the same experience. 

All the interior surfaces flow around four identical seats through an unique movement: the upper part of the elegant dashboard glides into the door panels, mixing the high technology of the touchscreen with the sophisticated movement and materials of the side-armrest, crossing a central light element that runs to the rear seats and turns behind them. Then this movement becomes the floating center console, standing cantilever from the rear seat till the front ones, where we find a driver oriented touchscreen and under the armrest, a storage with wireless phone recharge.

Also for rear passengers there is on center console a floating touch displays to complete the display experience, besides the touchscreen running on the door panels: a high technology elements that embrace all the interior helping to share the same experience. Voice Control is also available.

The sophisticated dashboard is thin and fluctuating, giving a feeling of lightness, with the perfectly integrated cluster surrounded by two reconfigurable touchscreens for the main car setting and interaction options. The air-vents are hidden between elegant blades and high quality wood finishing while we find elegance and technology also on the steering wheel.

As for all the HK 2018 concepts, there are two different driving mode ambiences for the interior: Lounge mode is for daily driving with a blue ambient light, while Tech mode switches to a red ambience light and all the display information become focused on drive efficiency.

The H500 proudly shows its modern and trendy orange color. To add strength and give a strong impact to this segment, we added a sophisticated contrast using a clear and bright interior. The HK logo texture is the strongest concept for Color&Trim. The materials choice includes open pore oak wood, leathers with sophisticated touch, wool carpet and an headliner in Alcantara. The contrast created between black and light warm beige highlights the wavy lines of the interiors, creating the sensation of a floating seat. To emphasize the handle movement, the door panel is in contrast with the black leather.

Technical specifications

Maximum length: 5018 mm
Maximum width: 1940 mm
Maximum height: 1470 mm
Wheelbase: 3080 mm
Luggage compartment: 500 Liters
Drivetrain configuration: All Wheel Torque Vectoring
Powertrain: Electric Vehicle Drive System with Range-extender
Package: 4 doors, 4/5 seats
Chassis: Aluminium
Top speed: 250 km/h
0 to 100 km/h acceleration: 4.5 sec
Maximum power delivery of electric motors: Over 300 kW
Range: Over 1000 km
Weight distribution: front 52%/rear 48%
Turning radius: 5.9 m

Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group add new members to the family of electric cars born out of their collaboration, confirming the passion and joint effort towards environmental protection and the development of clean energy vehicles thus continuing to refine the identity and the formal language of the HK brand.





Hybrid Kinetic Group
(Hong Kong)