An idea by Paolo Pininfarina has produced the new bottle of masculine fragrance launched by the French perfume house to mark the company’s 180th anniversary.

Pininfarina creativity and design address the perfume world for the first time.


Guerlain Homme is the result of collaboration between Guerlain and Pininfarina.

Pininfarina Extra was responsible for the design of the solid glass bottle. A square shape with uncluttered, essential lines, that conveys elegance and refinement.

A sculpture whose formal perfection interprets the salient features of the fragrance created for Guerlain by Thierry Wasser and Sylvaine Delacourte: energy, freshness and decision.

The bottle is decorated with a three-dimensional metal plate which creates a subtle contrast and conjures up luxury car design. The graphical elements that start from the centre and open up towards the top are inspired by the male torso, interacting harmoniously with the detail to define a product that is fluid, strong and luminous.

The project had its world preview in Paris, and sums up the Guerlain identity and style perfectly. The French perfume house commissioned Pininfarina to create the bottle for the new perfume to mark its 180th anniversary: Pininfarina Extra carried out this important task successfully, creating a product that is unique in its way, and is destined to become an icon of contemporary design.

The project was triggered by an idea by Paolo Pininfarina, and developed by the team of designers at Pininfarina Extra together with the French perfume house. Guerlain Homme is the first perfume designed by Pininfarina.


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