Pininfarina has designed the interior of the Torre México, one of the most spectacular buildings in Mexico City, and part of the City Santa Fe® residential complex, for GICSA®, a leading Mexican real estate development company.


The Torre México is a 29-floor skyscraper, containing 127 luxury one, two or three bedroom apartments. Pininfarina was invited to design the interior decoration of the tower, which is one of the most outstanding modern buildings in Mexico.


The skyscraper includes a lounge on the top floor that offers breath-taking views over the South part of the city. The tower will also have a range of special services that will include a gym, sauna, swimming pool, disco and outside gardens, all designed by Pininfarina. 

Attention to the tiniest detail

After 25 years of experience in product and interior design, this project offered Pininfarina an opportunity to test its skills in a new field of application, residential design. The aesthetic approach chosen, which is modern and innovative, based on an uncluttered, essential, ergonomic design, has made these luxury apartments unique in the world in terms of their layout and function. 

The interior of the Torre México was created by the Pininfarina designers who set out to meet all the client’s requests, paying the utmost attention to even the tiniest detail, making each room unique and special.


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