The first four-wheel drive Ferrari

The new FF is a compendium of technological and architectural innovation. Its design is based on a compact, sleek shape, expressing the concepts of essentiality, efficiency and lightness that underpin the renewal of the Ferrari range. The aesthetics convey a strong aerodynamic sportiness, but never without overlook the traditional elegance of the design. In architectural terms, the FF was designed to increase internal roominess, increasing the longitudinal space for the rear seats, which can comfortably accommodate passengers up to 185 cm tall.


When they designed this new Ferrari model, the creative team worked with the engineers to achieve perfect harmony between styling and practicality: the volumes have been pared, using devices that make the car more compact and flowing. A small concavity in front of the front wheel reduces the volume of the bumpers and improves the aerodynamics; sections are cut into the bonnet between the wings and the centre nose, reaching very close to the engine; on the sides, convexity and concavity combine seamlessly to remove superfluous weight; the headlights are set into the bodywork.

An intense process of proportioning and refinement was also carried out on the car’s sides, to make the side view more compact. On the front the boomerang headlights and the shape of the grille seem to “leap out” of the body of the car to rest on the bodywork, enhancing its personality.

For the first time, the headlight washer/wipers are mounted next to the front light clusters and, as it is on the 458 Italia, the LED direction indicators with DRL function develop vertically, true “gems” that give the headlights a very original look at night.

The car also communicates Ferrari’s characteristic sportiness from the rear. The proportions of the rear window are excellent, and it rests firmly on the body. The egg-shaped rear element and double rear light cluster are particularly interesting. In the oval, the treatment is modern and innovative, employing concave effects that increase as the surface slips outwards towards the light cluster. A horizontal wing seems to be suspended in the lower part of the rear, where it acts as an aerodynamic slide, sustained by two vertical stabilisers on the flat bottom.

Captivating, dynamic proportions

The Ferrari FF made its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The project symbolises the renewal of the Ferrari range. It is a very demanding stylistic challenge, because of the unusual volumes of this new Ferrari. 

The Ferrari FF was designed by Pininfarina in collaboration with the Ferrari Style Centre. The designers concentrated on developing taut, dynamic lines. When they tackled the issue of the shooting brake, their aim was to give the car a strong personality. The end result is a “missile” in which the rear volume gives emphasis and impetus to the rest of the car.


Pininfarina Style and Engineering

Cambiano (Turin)


Ferrari Style Centre

Maranello (Modena)