Design in motion


Eurostar unveiled its new state-of-the-art e320 train scheduled to enter commercial service at the end of 2015.  With the external livery and interiors designed by Pininfarina, the new Eurostar train boasts many innovative features aimed at maximising energy efficiency and delivering an enhanced experience for travellers. Carrying 900 passengers, the e320 boosts capacity per train by 20% and is capable of reaching a speed of 320 kph (200 mph). According to a specification unique to Eurostar, Pininfarina was responsible for the design of the external livery and all the interiors of the e320 such as standard class seats, toilet, bar, Train Manager office and meeting rooms, vestibule, tables, partitions, luggage stacks.


This design draws on extensive passenger feedback and includes a number of innovative features that will create an exceptional travel experience for customers offering a contemporary, stylish environment in which passengers can work or relax. The introduction of the e320 represents a major advance for international high speed rail. Built to a bespoke specification these trains are ‘inter-operable’ with the ability to operate across diverse  European signalling systems, opening up the potential for a whole range of new direct services between  the UK and European city centre destinations.


Fluid and cross-functional spaces

The interiors by Pininfarina are inspired by the concept of personal space, aimed at harmonizing, integrating and making more functional the area surrounding the passenger. The choice of alternating colors of the seats, for example, contributes to define the spaces. Moreover, the use of a unique color to the assigned seat and to the back of the front seat creates an individual environment immediately recognizable by the passenger. Comfort for passengers is further enhanced by the presence of lights, accessories and functions at fingertips. Among these, a flexible reading lamp for each passenger, inserted between a seat and the other, and a sliding dining table, by far more functional than the traditional foldable table.

Another distinctive feature of Pininfarina's style is the fluidity that characterizes the interior. The vestibule is optimized for a good flow through and conceived as a place to spend some time during the trip: corners are absent and replaced by rounded shapes that accompany the flow into the coaches. Coherent treatment of flow theme has been applied throughout the train, in the bar area and toilet rooms. In the design study of the external livery, Eurostar Company colors - blue and yellow - were respected, thus introducing a metallic gray, reminiscent of the automotive world. The graphics lighten the train line and make it more dynamic. They also mask and complement the design of the windows.

The experience of yesterday lives today

Pininfarina has extensive experience in the rail industry, having designed the interiors and exteriors high-speed trains in Italy (famous ETR 500, the first Italian project of a high speed train, launched in 1985) and Spain, rolling stock for Swiss, Danish and Norwegian Railways, automated light rail cars in Lille, and trams for cities in Italy, Greece, Sweden and Turkey.

An international project

Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive of Eurostar, unveiled the new e320 on November 13 2014, at St Pancras International station in London, where Pininfarina Design Director Fabio Filippini attended.


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