A "creature" to accompany you in every moment of the contemporary life

Matamorphosis was born with two souls. An urban one, composed of elegance and unique style that makes Metamorphosis the ideal solution to move in contemporary metropolis. And a sportive one, made of performance and technology that transforms Metamorphosis into the ideal partner for sport and off-road trips. It has been shaped in image and likeness of the modern gentleman. A sophisticated creature, with infinite interests and performing in every sector of the contemporary action. The new born goes to expand the De Rosa SK Pininfarina family of bikes born from the collaboration between De Rosa and Pininfarina.




A single body that contains a double soul

The first Sport Utility Bike has a body crafted with dynamic shapes in line with the most sporting Pininfarina cars. A mono-coque inner mold carbon frame, light and suitable for performance. A Shimano Alfine 8 Speed bicycle drivetrain system. 40mm high profile aluminum wheels that ensure comfort without neglecting sliding speed. But, most important, the extraordinary versatility of a bicycle capable of interpreting the needs of a contemporary life. The everyday partner to move in an effective and sustainable way.

Metamorphosis is in fact able to transform itself from urban to gravel bike selecting two mounting options. The Comfort saddle and handlebar grant the maximum ease during urban journeys. The transformation towards a gravel bike is ensured by the substitution of the above-mentioned set-ups with their sporty versions. Finally, the toothed belt transmission ensures the maximum riding experience and smoothness both in the city and off-site.

The challenge: to revolutionize the way of living the bicycle

“Metamorphosis isn’t a new bicycle, but is a new way of conceiving and living the bicycle” declares “An object with a strong personality capable of high performances in different contexts, from the city to natural environments. The innate propensity of Pininfarina to imagine new scenarios has found in De Rosa an extraordinary partner to make them real.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group

“It’s the rise of a new category that did not exist until yesterday. The choice of the best materials by De Rosa, combined with the attention to detail that has always been a trademark of Pininfarina excellence, have led us to a unique product in its aesthetics and versatility.”

Cristiano De Rosa, De Rosa Administrator


Cambiano (TO)

De Rosa
Cusano Milanino (MI)


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