Design and manufacture exclusively made in Italy





Prima, the new Bluform Design bath concept, is the outcome of a mix of Pininfarina’s stylistic research and the Italian-made production of BluForm, which has been creating bathroom furniture and fixtures for more than twenty years. This innovative concept bath has been presented in world premiere at the 2012 Furniture Show.


A collection inspired by the fluidity of water


Sinuous lines inspired by flowing water define the refined ergonomics of the entirely modular furnishing, the walk-in shower done in glass and Korakril® (Polyester free) and tub in Korakril® (Polyester free) in the wall or corner versions, both recessed and free standing. The use of exclusively Italian materials is combined with tailor-made production and the high quality handmade finish of every piece at the BluForm plant, in cooperation with the top local craftsmen.

A new cooperation agreement


This bathroom line is the result of the unprecedented collaboration between the skill of the designer Pininfarina and manufacturing expertise and craftsmanship of BluForm.



Pininfarina Design & Engineering Centre
Cambiano (Turin)


Via Chiaradia, 11/A
33074 Fontanafredda (PN)


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