Meeting rooms of exceptional appeal


Xten® is a solution that contributes to improve human work output. Putting their productive skills and wealth of experience to the test, Ares Line have created Xten®, a product that is comfortable and light but at the same time streamlined, with the eye immediately drawn to the outer shell which, together with the high comfort element, is what gives this seat its striking appeal. It has an exceptional appeal, above all in meeting rooms, representing lightness and harmony, overtaking the traditional minimalist look and giving a touch of character and personality to the office space. Its unique features make it a perfect partner where the latest contemporary and ergonomic design work is concerned.


Shape and color give a touch of character to the office



The impressively formal visual impact of Xten® is picked up even in the smallest detail. The armrests stand out, curving gracefully around the outer shell in sinuous symmetry and in harmonious contrast with the transparency of the backrest in net. The technology applied is clear to the eye and has been accentuated by the use of polished aluminum - a hallmark, one might say, of the unabashed desire to show off not only the beauty of the design but also its functionality. It is the ideal choice for meetings or as extra seating for visitors, whether it is the version with castors or with the fixed sled base, with the latter in chromed-plated steel or painted anthracite and supplied with an adjustable back support; the fixed armrests are in a choice of polished aluminum or painted anthracite.

The mechanism provides both maximum comfort and reduced posture fatigue trough the following movements:

- seat height adjustment (110mm);

- seat depth adjustment (50 mm);

- synchronized oscillation between the seat and back with an advanced hub position (202 mm) and with a great back rotation angle (26°);

- 11 separate locking positions with an anti-return safety device;

- “fine” tension control for correct weight distribution and oscillation intensity control.

Innovation and ergonomic

Two important factors contributed to securing maximum comfort from the back support: differentiated reaction to compression and active self positioning. The first performs through an innovative support system: two parts that press one against the other activated by the pressure applied by the user, thereby eliminating the normal unpleasant “intrusiveness”.

The second works by allowing the lumbar support the flexibility of turning vertically and following any variation in position in the back and most importantly to conform with the user’s anatomy.


The cushion injected an innovative material, Technogel® that hugs and forms around the body to ensure absolute comfort, based on its excellent pressure distribution. Armtronic® is a revolutionary system for height adjustable armrests.


Thanks to its patented height control unit, all desired positions can be easily obtained by means of a button, placed under the right arm, which activates a highly precise gas pump. The two armrests move simultaneously and continuously within a range of 70 mm.

Bring together original ideas and expertise



With the vast technology research and engineering solutions proposed by Pininfarina as well as their aesthetic eye towards all products, aligns Ares Line with the very best in industrial design. This partnership led to the creation of Xten®.




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